Application scope of sulfuric acid metering pump:

It is suitable for injection pumps with medium and low pressure, medium and small flow, high viscosity of the conveying medium and certain metering requirements. Its structure characteristic is that the power and liquid conveying gear of the original machine are in different pump cavity, the overcurrent part chooses the high-strength anti-corrosion alloy and the metal graphite double-end mechanical seal to run continuously for a long time, which has the higher reliability.

It is mainly used for metering and conveying liquids with corrosivity or liquids with high sanitary requirements. The flow-through parts are made of PTFE, stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L and alloy stainless steel. After strict solid-melting treatment, the material crystal lattice and chemical composition are uniform with small intercrystalline stress.

Viscosity of sulfuric acid metering pump: the motor-driven metering pump has a maximum viscosity of 4000 Cps.

Temperature of sulfuric acid metering pump: it is recommended that the maximum working temperature of NEWDOSE metering pump does not exceed 90°C. If the temperature exceeds 90°C, please specify when selecting;

1) Stable flow, no pulsation and repeatability should be ensured.

2) The design is unique. The motor and the metering pump are connected by a flexible drive, which eliminates the influence of the alignment error between them on the metering accuracy.

Advantages of sulfuric acid metering pump:

1) High precision: under different conditions of temperature, pressure and viscosity, it can be operated to continuously deliver a stable flow.

2) Low pulsation: NEWDOSE's MX series metering pump adopts a unique structural design to reduce flow pulsation and save unnecessary buffers and other accessories to make the system simple and reduce costs.

3) Performance: the pump head with a simple structure, hardened moving parts and different materials can achieve wear resistance, corrosion resistance and shear resistance of different media to ensure long-term service life.

4) Complete system: a variety of pump heads and different frequency conversion control systems fully realize various process controls.

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