How To Electrically Wiring A Solenoid Pump?

Notice Before Electrically Wiring The Solenoid Pump

Make sure the waterproof terminals are tight and firm before use. Please hold the solenoid pump with both hands during transportation. Do not lift the solenoid pump by pulling the power cord. This action will loosen the connector and damage the solenoid pump.

How to Access The Control Cabinet of The Solenoid Pump?

Take a wire stripper with a 1.00mm hole diameter and cut off the connector first. It is suggested to use a wire stripper to prevent damage to the insulation among the inner wires. Use the stripper at a suitable length, rotate the stripper according to the arrow direction of the stripper, and then remove the wire sheath. Check whether the inner wires are in good condition. There are three wires: neutral wire, ground wire, and live wire. The recommended stripping length is 10-15mm. 

Checking the components in the electrical cabinet that control the gain and loss of the solenoid pump. Note that please use an AC contactor. Otherwise, the poor-quality intermediate relay will cause the solenoid pump to connect to the electrical terminal at an instantaneously high voltage, which results in damage to the solenoid pump.

Solenoid Pump Working Principle

What Is A Solenoid Pump?

A solenoid pump is a machine that can measure the liquid being conveyed, also called a diaphragm metering pump or a metering dosing pump. Also, the electromagnetic dosing pump is also a special liquid-transporting volumetric pump (especially corrosive liquids), that can meet the various needs of strict technological processes, and the flow rate can be adjusted in the range of 0-100%.

How Does A Solenoid Pump Work?

The combined action of the electromagnetic coil in the solenoid pump body and the action iron block make the reciprocating motion of the diaphragm work, so as to realize the suction and discharge of the liquid. Accurate metering, high-pressure resistance, strong corrosion-resistance, and no leakage are solenoid pumps' significant advantages.

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