We, Ark Electric & Mechanical Co., Ltd., specializes in providing NEWDOSE detergent dosing pumps. If the backwash water contains A13+ produced by adding flocculants, it is easy to generate a large amount of milky precipitation, so it is not suitable for backwashing. Since the NaCL0 solution has a better sterilization effect under acidic conditions, it is recommended that when designing the NaCL0 dosing system, there are three ways. First: add ammonia in water with 2 solution tanks and 4 metering pumps, including local control cabinet. Second: add hydrazine in water with 2 solution tanks and 4 metering pumps, including local control cabinet. Third: add phosphate in boiler water with 2 solution tanks and 5 metering pumps. The contents are civil construction parts such as the water inlet lifting pump room, the chlorination dosing room and the water pump room. As for the brand for the mentioned-above metering pump, Ark Electric & Mechanical Co., Ltd. is a good choice. Although both stroke length and frequency can be used as adjustment variables, in engineering applications, the stroke length is generally regarded as a coarse adjustment variable, and the stroke frequency is a fine adjustment variable, which adjusts the stroke length to a certain value, and then achieves fine adjustment by changing its frequency, increasing Adjustment flexibility. In relatively simple applications, the stroke length can also be manually set, only by using the stroke frequency as the adjustment variable, thus simplifying the system configuration.

There are many types of metering pumps. Different types of metering pumps have different technical parameters and performance. Welcome all the customers to inquire for more product information about detergent metering pumps. We will provide you with a new solution for detergent metering pumps.

Importance Of Detergent Metering Pump

The motor is an important part of the detergent metering pump as a “heart”. Once a problem occurs, it will affect the use of the equipment. During the operation of the detergent metering pump, the most common problem with the motor is that the temperature is too high.

Why The Motor Running Temperature Of The Detergent Metering Pump Is Too High

Many factors may cause the motor temperature of the detergent metering pump to be too high.

1. High or low power supply voltage will affect the normal use of the motor, and a protective device must be installed on the motor.

2. The pump does not match. The selected detergent metering pump does not meet the requirements of use, which leads to long-term overload operation of the motor, and the temperature of the motor is too high.

3. Frequent starting of the motor will also cause damage to the motor. Like other electrical appliances, the motor cannot be switched on and off frequently.

4. The motor is incorrectly installed and connected.

5. Bearing wear and friction of the detergent metering pump will also cause the motor to overheat. Therefore, it is necessary to check the bearing and lubrication in time to reduce friction.

6. The environment of the motor is not good, and there are stains on the motor coil, which also affects the use of the motor. Therefore, the motor must be cleaned regularly.

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