Dosing pumps used in surface treatment

A surface treatment or electroplating and coating is an act whereby a coating is applied to a surface. The purpose of surface treatment is decorating the appearance, protect the surface against (harmful) external influences (corrosion) or improving adhesion in the coating process. Surface treatment can also be applied to change material qualities. With metals, surface treatment can be realized by chemical treatment. NEWDOSE Dosing pumps have good experiences in this industry,  among other things, with pumps for circulation and filter the liquids in the chemical baths.

For example, the automatic production of plastic electroplating is widely used in automobile decorative parts, mobile phone decorative arts, signage, and other industries. with the expansion of the application to the electroplating treatment of ABSPC plastic products. Firstly, a metal layer is obtained by a special treatment method on the basis surface of the plastic, which has the advantages of both plastic and metal, that is, the lightness of plastic and the luster of metal.

Surface treatment

The metalized plastics overcome some defects and shortcomings of plastic itself. It has a lot of advantages, such as good solvent resistance, corrosion resistance, light resistance, thermal conductivity, with a good appearance of metal, coating hardness high characteristics.

For the electroplating production line, the diaphragm metering pump, chemical liquid filter, electroplating filter, and wastewater treatment equipment should be designed and manufactured, which continuously promotes the development of the surface treatment industry.

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