Metering pump is also called dosing pump or proportioning pump. It is a kind of special volume pump that can meet all kinds of strict technological process requirements. The flow can be step-less adjusted in the range of 0-100%. It is a special positive displacement pump used to transport liquid (especially corrosive liquid) and has been widely used in the seawater desalination industry. There are many classification methods for the desalination metering pumps.

1. According to the flow part of the desalination metering pump

(1) plunger and piston type (2) mechanical diaphragm type (3) hydraulic diaphragm type

2. According to the driving method

(1) motor (2)electromagnetic

3. According to work style

(1)reciprocating (2)rotary (3) gear

4. According to the characteristics of the desalination metering pump

(1)Extra-large base (2)Large base (3)Medium base (4)Small base (5)Microcomputer base

Other classification methods: electric control type, air control type, heat preservation type, heating type, high viscosity type, etc.

Structure of the Desalination Metering Pump

The pump consists of three parts: motor, transmission box and cylinder.

The transmission box component is composed of a worm gear mechanism, a stroke adjustment mechanism and a crank connecting rod mechanism. The high adjustment stroke is implemented by rotating the adjustment hand wheel, thereby changing the eccentricity of the moving shaft to achieve the purpose of changing the plunger (piston) stroke.

Cylinder body parts are composed of pump head, suction valve group, discharge valve group, plunger and packing seal.

Working Principle of the Desalination Metering Pump

The motor drives the worm through the coupling and decelerates the main shaft and the eccentric wheel through the worm gear to rotate. The eccentric wheel drives the reciprocating motion in the sliding adjusting seat of the bow-shaped connecting rod. When the plunger moves to the rear dead center, a vacuum is gradually formed in the pump chamber. Once the suction valve opens, liquid will be sucked in. When the plunger moves to the forward dead center, the suction valve closes and the discharge valve opens, and the liquid moves further toward Exhausted during exercise. In the reciprocating and smooth operation of the pump, a continuous pressure and quantitative discharge liquid is formed.

Solenoid Metering Pumps

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