The importance of Newdose chemical metering pump

With the improvement of production process index and automation level, the metering pump works as the final actuator of chemical dosing and adding process as the safety and controllability of the chemical metering pump becomes more and more important. The chemical industry is always famous for its spermatic production process. Meanwhile, the centralized-distributed and intelligent computer control system is widely applied in the chemical industry, thus require the metering pump equipped with flexible control mode, can easily constitute a variety of control circuit and computer system, to realize more complex and precise process control.

NEWDOSE chemical dosing pumps can provide suitable products to dose chemical solutions in the chemical industry. The chemicals play a very important role to serve in our daily life. Meanwhile, most of them are very dangerous but valuable. So there are many cases to use dosing pumps to well treated with the chemicals. The accuracy of NEWDOSE pump could be ±1% so as to ensure precise metering requirements and safety.

Chemical processing

The material of NEWDOSE diaphragm is PTFE that is the best anti-corrosion plastic for transferring chemical liquids. To meet various chemical properties, Newdose chemistry diaphragm pump use PVC, PVDF, PTFE and SS316 material to produce the contact parts. The metering media is isolated with the driven parts completely so as to protect the safe dosing and no leaking.

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