The Features Of The Liquid Dosing Pump

No leakage

The liquid dosing pump uses a non-mechanical shaft seal, so there is no leakage.

Output accuracy

In the case of clear water, high accuracy can be reached. The actual flow rate of the dosing pump is subject to actual working measurement.

Dry running is allowed

Long service life

The cavity is made of special tortuous resistant materials and can withstand millions of reciprocating motions.

Good corrosion resistance

There are a variety of materials that can be chosen for the pump head, such as PP, PVC, PTFE and SS316. The valve is made of special formula materials, which are resistant to various acids, alkalis, and other corrosive liquids.

Pay attention to liquid temperature

The liquid dosing pump has a tolerance maximum liquid temperature. When it exceeds this temperature, the corrosiveness of the liquid will increase. So, please pay special attention to this point.


Liquid Dosing Pump Application Field 

  • Regular and quantitative delivery of clean water and other mixed liquids.

  • Mucus blending, quantitative addition of food additives.

  • Etching, cleaning, and printing of printed circuits on electronic substrates.

  • Acid-base neutralization of water treatment and input of condensate.

  • Quantitative supply of electroplating solution.

  • It is used for quantitative injection of additives, bleach solution, and other agents.  

The liquid dosing pump produced by Ark Electric & Mechanical Co., Ltd. focuses on metering functions, which can meet the double needs for users of displaying and controlling the flow rate at the same time. 

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