High pressure dosing pumps are useful in many occasions of technology, and high pressure and mass flow are the typical features of it. However, high pressure is also the test of the high pressure dosing pump itself so you must pay attention to the following five areas when using it.

Attention Points In The Process Of Using High Pressure Dosing Pumps

  • Avoid starting it in low pressure

In order to improve the efficiency of the high pressure dosing pump, you should choose the correct nozzle. High pressure dosing pumps have replaceable nozzles, which can be used for many purposes. Proper selection will make the process of nozzle cleaning more efficient.

  • When installing high pressure dosing pumps, the cables should be wires, and the power cord shouldn’t be too long.

In order to avoid breaking the cable, please don’t force the cable when the unit is launched. High pressure dosing pumps don’t sink mud, otherwise, it will lead to poor heat dissipation and the burning of motor winding.

  • Please focus on the model, flow, and head when purchasing high pressure dosing pumps.

If you choose an inappropriate model, it won’t get adequate water, and the efficiency of the unit won’t work. To prevent the leakage of high pressure dosing pumps in electric shock accidents, the earth leaking circuit breaker should be installed.

  • High pressure dosing pumps shouldn’t operate for a long time and shouldn’t draw plenty of sand water.

Be careful when painting the windows, vents, eaves, and walls, because the high water pressure will knock down fixed windows or break them. When the wall is clean, the water cannon should point to the lower part of the wall to reduce the spraying force, which will prevent water from falling. Here Newdose has a video showing dosing pump calibration procedure for you. Additionally, be careful when cleaning the outer walls. Water can penetrate the holes in the edges of windows so check all windows’ frames to prevent penetration.

  • The motor of High pressure dosing pumps should be checked regularly.

In order to avoid water seeping into the high pressure dosing pumps, you should replace or repair them in time if you find cracks or rubber seal’s damage or failure.  

The High pressure dosing pump of NEWDOSE uses quality modified PTFE diaphragms, and the maximum pressure is up to 3MPa, which significantly improves the head of the dosing pump and can be used as the institute to some conditions of hydraulic diaphragm pumps. 

Features of High Pressure Dosing Pump

High pressure up to 30Bar

High safety and firm clamping force.

Reliable and accurate dosing

Excellent efficiency and performance for liquid transfer

Simple user control and easy to maintain

Carefully pump out the deflated liquid


High Pressure Dosing Pumps for Using in Extreme Conditions

Easy to integrate

The high-pressure dosing pump has a variety of connection choices, which can integrate these dosing pumps into your application easily. In addition, the choice between different control modes is also very important. Whether it is an experimental setup or a process setup, the high-pressure metering pump can be perfectly integrated and easy to control

Corrosive Liquid

High-pressure dosing pumps can be equipped with pump heads made of different materials to meet your most demanding metering tasks. The pump is designed for easy replacement of parts in contact with corrosive or corrosive chemicals.

High Temperature

Certain applications require heating of the introduced medium or chemical reagents to create the conditions required for the process. High-pressure dosing pumps can usually withstand medium liquid temperatures. If higher temperatures are required, they can be equipped with thermal separation pump heads. The pump head heater can be installed on the metering pump.

Low Temperature

For continuous chemical processes or various liquefied gas applications, it may be necessary to pump liquids at low temperatures. The optional pump head cooling device makes the high-pressure dosing pump an ideal choice for pumping liquid gas or cooling liquid.

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