How to Disassemble Dosing Pump Check Valve?

Firstly, Remove The Nut At The Upper Dosing Pump Check Valve

remove the nut at the upper dosing pump check valve and make sure that there is no liquid in the liquid outlet pipe before removing, meanwhile, the liquid outlet pipe is disconnected from the main pipeline and is in a normal pressure state, and the metering pump stops running.

Secondly, Remove The Nut At The Lower Check Valve Dosing Pump

remove the nut at the lower check valve dosing pump, and confirm that the liquid inlet pipe will not produce self-flow during disassembly. Check whether the sealing ring of the inlet and outlet of valves is in good condition.

Thirdly, Remove The Cross Structure

align the needle-nose pliers with the gap between the cross structures, insert the needle-nose pliers in the middle of the cross structure, lift up slowly, remove the cross structure by hand after loosening, and check whether the two sealing rings are in good condition.

Fourthly, Disassemble The The Lower Dosing Pump Check Valve

Before disassembling the lower dosing pump check valve, check whether the sealing ring of the lower valve is in good condition, and then turn the pump upside down, confirm that the liquid in the pump head of the solenoid driven pump has been emptied or cleared. Align the tip of the needle-nose pliers with the centre hole, and gently lift it up. Be careful not to insert needle nose pliers too far or pry back after insertion.

Fifthly, Remove The Dosing Pump Check Valve Ball

Gently pour out the valve ball, touch the curved surface around the cross structure with the toothed part of the needle-nose pliers, put the needle-nose pliers into the cross structure of the valve body, and gently lift to avoid damage to the metering pump parts. Do not damage the cross structure or pry the valve body.

Lastly, Take Out All Four Sets Of One-Way Valves By Repeating The Above Steps

When taking out the parts, be sure to handle them with care. Violent disassembly is easy to do harm to the whole body. All parts should be neatly placed to avoid confusion and loss. You are recommended to place them in order to avoid loss.


A one-way valve consists of a valve ball, a 5.8x1.8 sealing ring, a valve seat, a valve body (usually with a sealing ring), and an 11.2x1.8 sealing ring.

How to Install A Dosing Pump Check Valve?

Detailed Procedure Of Installing A Dosing Pump Check Valve

Take the check valve dosing pump and put it into the ball, and observe whether the ball falls. Take the base, pay attention to the installation position, the convex surface is facing outward, and the arc surface with a center hole facing inward. Take the 8.5x1.8 sealing ring and put it in and flatten it. Flip 180 degrees, install the 11.2x1.8 sealing ring and flatten it. A dosing pump check valve is installed

Install The Four Sets Of Check Valve Dosing Pump In Sequence

Check the sealing ring, check the integrity of the dosing pump check the valve body, and check the vent hole. Repeat these steps to install the four sets of check valves in sequence.

Install Dosing Pump Check Valve Into The Solenoid Metering Pump

Take four sets of check valve dosing pumps in turn, and install them into the upper and lower parts of the pump head. Make sure the parts in the stroke pump are in good condition. Gently press the valve into the bottom of the pump, and smooth the upper sealing ring. Observe whether the sealing ring is in good condition and whether the interior is complete. The valve body itself will be 0.5mm higher than the outer edge of the lower part of the pump head, which is a normal phenomenon.

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