The metered dose pump is mainly composed of three parts: power drive, fluid transportation and conditioning control. The power drive equipment drives the fluid transport diaphragm to complete the reciprocating motion through the mechanical linkage system; Due to the difference in power driving and fluid transportation methods, metered dose pump can be roughly divided into two types: red plunger type and diaphragm type.

1. Plunger metered dose pump

The plunger metered dose pump is widely used in the petrochemical industry because of its simple structure and high temperature and high-pressure resistance. There are two main types: valve pumps and valveless pumps.

In view of the lack of general plunger pumps for high-viscosity media under high pressure conditions, a valveless rotary plunger metered dose pump has been paid more and more attention. It is widely used to increase the metering of high-viscosity media such as syrup, chocolate and petroleum enhancers.

Due to the structural defect that the metered medium and the lubricant in the pump cannot be completely blocked, the plunger metered dose pump encounters many restrictions in the use of fluid metering with high pollution prevention requirements.

2. Diaphragm metered dose pump

Diaphragm metered dose pump use specially planned and processed flexible diaphragms instead of pistons to complete the reciprocating motion under the effect of driving the tissues and complete the suction-discharge process. Because of the barrier effect of the diaphragm, the barrier between the metered fluid and the driving lubrication tissue is truly completed in structure.

High-tech structural planning and the selection of new materials have greatly improved the service life of the diaphragm. Coupled with the excellent corrosion resistance of Teflon PTFE, the diaphragm metered dose pump has now become the main pump type in the use of fluid metering.

Among the members of the diaphragm metered dose pump family, the motor-driven diaphragm pump is a motor that drives a worm gear pair through a direct drive to make a variable speed motion. Under the action of a crank connecting rod mechanism, the rotary motion is converted into a reciprocating linear motion. The sliding rod is directly connected with the diaphragm. When the sliding rod moves back and forth, the diaphragm is directly pushed (pulled) to agitate back and forth. The opening and closing action of the one-way valve on the pump head completes the suction and discharge purpose and achieves the function of conveying liquid. It is a machine that can measure and transport liquids. It is also called quantitative pump and proportional pump. It is usually described as: mechanical diaphragm metered dose pump is a kind of can meet the needs of various strict technological processes. Its flow rate can be steplessly adjusted within the range of 0-100%, a special displacement pump used to transport liquids (especially corrosive liquids). The pump body is completely leak-free and is used in industries such as environmental protection, pharmacy, chemical industry, papermaking, urban water supply, and sewage treatment.

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