1. The PH dosing pump pressure. The rated pressure of the selected pump is slightly higher than the actual high-level pressure required, generally 10-20% higher. Please avoid the situation where the pressure is over the suggested figure because too high pressure will waste energy and increase equipment investment and operating costs.

2. The flow of the PH dosing pump. The flow of the selected pump should be equal to or slightly larger than the flow required by the process. The use range of the pump flow is preferably 30-100% of its rated flow. At this time, the pump has a high repeatability accuracy. Considering economy and practicability, it is recommended that the actual required flow of the pump should be 70-90% of the rated flow.

3. The material of the pump head (hydraulic end) of the PH dosing pump. After the specific model and specifications of the dosing pump are determined, the material of the flow part is selected according to the properties of the flow dielectrics, which is very important. If the choice is not right, it will cause the dielectric corrosion damage of the overcurrent components or the dielectric leakage pollution system and other serious accidents may also be caused.

There are also other aspects that should be noticed. When choosing a dosing pump, the accuracy level of the pump required also needs to be considered. The higher the accuracy level, the greater the investment. The pumps generally work at a temperature of -30 to 100°C, and special dosing pumps have a wider operating temperature range (such as high-temperature liquid dosing pumps with insulation jackets, whose delivery temperature can reach 500°C). For the particle size of the dielectric, the requirement should be less than 0.1mm. For that larger than 0.1mm, the flow structure of the pump can be changed to meet the needs. The viscosity of the dielectric should generally be 0~1000mm/s, and the special one can reach 6000 mm2/s. The flow rate of the mechanical diaphragm dosing pump is the maximum flow rate measured under the calibrated rated pressure (when clean water delivery at room temperature). When the pressure drops, the output flow rate will be higher than the calibrated value.

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