Ⅰ. Installation method of chlorine metering pump.

1. When installing the chlorine metering pump, choose a firm and level ground, and keep it stable, and install valves at the inlet and outlet of the pump for easy maintenance.  

2. Try to avoid installing the machine outdoors. If it must be installed outdoors, it should be protected by a cover. If the pump is equipped with an electronic controller, it must be protected.

3. The pump made of PVC should avoid direct exposure to the eyes to prevent material embrittlement.

4. Before piping, consider the chemical liquid, concentration, temperature conditions, and delivery head used, and choose corresponding pipe fitting materials to meet actual requirements. For example: if the temperature is above 60℃, PP pipe fittings should be installed.

5. When piping, make sure that no impurities or debris remain in the pipe, and clean the pipe with clean water if necessary.

Ⅱ. Notes for chlorine metering pump.

1. When using the chlorine metering pump, please do not change the chemistry of the delivery arbitrarily, because the mixing of different chemistry will lead to various chemical changes, and even the chemical reaction will generate high heat, which will damage the pump body. Please consult professionals for questions about chemical coordination.

2. Many chemicals can cause great harm to the human body, so personnel should try to avoid dangerous areas.

3. Before turning on the power, check the correct position of the pipeline and valve and check whether it is working properly at any time.Ark Electric & Mechanical Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of chlorine metering pumps with the brand NEWDOSE, which can guarantee the quality and after-sales service for you. Please feel free to contact us and purchase products at any time.

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