1. When the metered dose pump is in operation, the flow rate can be steplessly adjusted from close to 0% to 100% according to the needs of use;

2. Liquid to be transported can be meausred, and the measurement can meet certain measurement accuracy requirements. The general accuracy is ±1%. For those with excellent design and manufacture, the accuracy can reach ±0.3%.


Due to the above-mentioned outstanding features, metered dose pumps have been widely used in chemical, petroleum, paper, food, plastic, pharmaceutical and daily chemical industries.


It is often used to transport highly corrosive liquids, suspensions, molten liquids, radioactive liquids, flammable and explosive liquids, toxic liquids, liquefied gas or liquid metals.


The flow rate of the metered dose pump can usually be adjusted manually, electrically or pneumatically. In automatic control systems applied to continuous or semi-continuous process systems, the flow rate of pumps can often be monitored based on parameters such as temperature, pressure, density, and PH.


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