The dosing pump has been strictly tested and drained before leaving the factory. But there will still be a very small amount of water remaining in the pump body. So what should we pay attention to?


Maintenance of dosing pump

1. The entry of air, impurities in the solution or corrosion of the seals by chemical agents will affect the injection function. It is recommended to regularly check whether the solution is correctly sucked into the injection pump;

2. Regularly check the diaphragm assembly for wear or breakage;

3. We recommend users to clean the one-way valve and filter regularly. Because the conveyed medium is different, an accurate cleaning cycle can not be defined, and the user can decide by himself according to the actual situation;

4. When the working environment temperature is lower than 0℃, stop using the dosing pump and drain the water in the pump;

5. Do not use tools to adjust pressure. The pressure only can be adjusted when there is no  pressure in the dosing pump.

6. Regularly check the liquid level in the chemical storage tank to prevent the metering pump from running without load.

7. The metering pump will not be damaged if the metering pump is running without load, but the system will be affected by the addition of myrrh. A liquid level switch can be installed. When the liquid level is lower than the set level, the metering pump is automatically disconnected to prevent no-load operation. 

8. Check whether the bolts of the pump head of the metering pump are tight and whether the seals are intact at least once every three months. If the liquid to be transported is corrosive, the frequency of inspections needs to be increased. In addition, pay special attention to the following situations:

  • Whether the indicator lights of the control panel work normally.

  • Whether the concentration of the added liquid in the system is normal. If the concentration decreases, check whether the one-way valve and filter are working properly, and clean or replace them.

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