1. Please add Mobile 320# gear oil to the oil mark before using the metering pump. When replacing the knob diaphragm, pull the motor impeller to make sure that the diaphragm is screwed to the lowest level before running.

2. The motor wiring of the metering pump must be connected according to the voltage on the motor nameplate,  for example 220V, 380V 415V, etc.

3. Before starting the metering pump, make sure that the outlet pipe is clear, and the flow adjustment is operated on the handwheel on the side after starting.

4. When welding stainless steel pipe joints, no welding slag or debris are allowed to drop into the pipe or valve body (which will cause the metering pump to not discharge water, and reduce the pressure or flow rate), turn off the metering first when stops the metering pump, then close the outlet valve.

5. The outlet pipe pressure must be higher than the inlet pipe pressure. If it is lower, a back pressure valve must be installed to prevent siphoning.

6. The outlet pipe diameter must be greater than or equal to the standard diameter of the corresponding metering pump.

7. Do not disassemble the one-way valve when the new pump is installed, because gaskets or O-rings are installed in the one-way valve in the factory and have been tested. And the valve ball and valve seat of the one-way valve have a fixed direction. Especially the valve seat has a sealing surface. Once installed reversely, the pressure cannot be increased, or the pressure will not  be enough, or the flow will not be enough.

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