The digital metering pump sets new standards for chemical dosing and accuracy. The installation is simple, and the unique drive design makes flow control simple and accurate. The LED display digitizes the parameters and performance of the pump, sets the parameters of the control unit according to the required dosing flow, and can easily switch the operating mode by pressing the button.

 1. How smart is the digital metering pump?

A digital dosing pump can be used in complex and demanding applications. Whether it is to add liquids with enhanced acid and strong alkalis, or a low flow rate of 0.5L/h or strict process control requirements, digital dosing pumps can always provide perfect solutions. It has manual automatic switching mode, can be shut down remotely, and has 2 optional ports for liquid level control and relay output.

Moreover, the highly integrated control panel of the digital metering pump greatly simplifies the operation of the pump, the operation is simple and clear, and the long service and maintenance cycle significantly reduces the life cycle cost of the product. 

2. What are the options for digital dosing pumps

Electromagnetic driven diaphragm metering pump, flow range: 1~55L/hDP-pulse signal

DM——4-20mA current signal

DC——RS485 communication protocol

Mechanical diaphragm metering pump, with flow range 8~2000L/h

NDWS/NDWL/ND1000/HND/ND2000, can be equipped with electric stroke adjustment device-4-20mA current signal 

3. How should we use digital dosing pumps?

Users can choose one of the signal control modes according to the design drawing and the actual situation on the site.

Commonly used signals in electromagnetic pumps are pulse signals and 4-20mA signals. When it is necessary to use one device to simultaneously control the start and stop of multiple pumps and adjust their flow, RS485 communication protocol can be used.

For the remote control of mechanical pumps, the most common practice in the market is to choose variable frequency motors, which need to be equipped with frequency converters to adjust the flow during installation and use. Our NEWDOSE metering pump can be equipped with an electric stroke adjustment device, and the current signal control is more convenient and intelligent. The motor can be an ordinary motor, and there is no need to purchase a frequency converter, which saves space and costs.

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