The metered dose pump filling machine relies on the metering of the pump to measure and deliver liquids. It is made of cast iron, which has high noise, high power consumption and slightly slower speed. The filling machine has simple overall structure and convenient operation. The metered dose pump can simultaneously complete the functions of conveying, metering and adjustment, thereby simplifying the production process.

Using multiple metered dose pumps, several media can be input into the process flow in accurate proportions for mixing. Metered dose pumps are also called metering pumps or proportional pumps. The biggest feature of the metering pump is that a certain amount or time interval can be selected in advance to supply or withdraw a certain amount of material. It is often used in various types of medicament addition equipment.

Classification of metered dose pumps

1. The metered dose pump is divided into plunger metering pump and diaphragm metering pump according to the structure of the overflow part;

2. According to the driving mode, it can be divided into motor-driven metered dose pump and electromagnetic-driven metered dose pump;

3. According to the working mode, it can be divided into reciprocating type, rotary type and gear type;

4. According to the characteristics of the pump: it can be divided into electric control type, air control type, heat preservation type, heating type and so on.

Material of metered dose pumps

Commonly used materials for metered dose pump are PVC plastic, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L, cast iron and fluorine-lined plastics.

Performance characteristics of metered dose pumps

1. The performance of the pump is superior, among which the newdoor mechanical diaphragm metering pump will not cause leakage. It not only has high safety performance, but also has accurate metering and transportation. The flow can be adjusted from zero to the maximum rated value, and the pressure can be selected from normal pressure to the maximum allowable range.

2. Its adjustment is intuitive and clear. It works smoothly and without noise. It is small in size and light in weight. It is easy to maintain and can also be used in parallel.

3. The pump has many varieties and complete performance. It is suitable for conveying things with a viscosity of 0-4000cP from 0°C to 100°C. The maximum discharge pressure can reach 3Mpa, the flow range is 0.1-2000L/h, and the measurement accuracy is within ±1%.

4. According to the process requirements, the pump can be adjusted manually and with frequency conversion to adjust the flow, and it can also realize remote control and computer automatic control.

Basic performance parameters of metered dose pump

1. Flow range: 8-6000L/H;

2. Pressure range: 0-3MPA;

3. Motor power: 60W, 90W, 180W, 370W, 550W, 750W

4. Power supply system: 220V / 380V / 400V /440V, 50/60Hz;

5. Drive system: two-phase, three-phase standard motor, frequency conversion motor and explosion-proof motor;

6. Protection level: IP55;

7. Flow control: manual control, automatic control 4-20mA;

8. Material: ① Pump head: SS316, PVC, PTFE, PVDF; ② Diaphragm: PTFE; ③ Check valve: SS316, PVC, PTFE, PVDF; ④ Valve ball: ZrO2, SS304, SS316, ceramic.

Working conditions of metered dose pump

Ambient temperature: -30℃ - 60℃

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