Ⅰ. The development of metering pumps

With the rapid development and progress of the times, the level of industrial development is now getting higher and higher. In this case, there are many important mechanical equipment, such as various water pumps and water supply equipment, of which metering pumps are very important. This type of water supply equipment can be further divided by appropriate methods. Different types of metering pumps have different working principles. Let's discuss how metering pumps work.

Ⅱ. The working principle of different types of metering pumps

How does the metering pump work?

The metering pump is mainly composed of three parts: power drive, fluid delivery and adjustment control. The power drive device drives the fluid delivery diaphragm (piston) to achieve reciprocating movement through the mechanical linkage system:

The diaphragm (piston) will be sucked in by the delivery fluid in the first half of the stroke and discharged from the pump head in the second half of the stroke; therefore, changing the reciprocating frequency of the stroke or the stroke length of each reciprocating motion can achieve the purpose of adjusting the fluid delivery volume. Precise machining accuracy guarantees each pump output and realizes precise metering of the conveyed medium.

However, different metering pump types have different working principles, which are mainly divided into the following two types:

1. Working principle of diaphragm metering pump

The diaphragm metering pump uses a specially designed and processed flexible diaphragm to replace the piston, and realizes reciprocating motion under the action of the driving mechanism to complete the suction-discharge process. Due to the isolation effect of the diaphragm, the isolation between the metered fluid and the driving lubrication mechanism is truly realized in structure.

2. Working principle of plunger metering pump

The plunger metering pump directly sucks and discharges the working medium (yellow) through the reciprocating movement of the plunger. Since both the plunger and the seal are in contact with the medium, selecting the appropriate plunger material and sealing form can ensure the ideal performance of the pump during operation.

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