detergent dosing pump

Ⅰ. Important role of detergent dosing pump motor

As the heart of detergent dosing pump, the motor is an important constituent. Once the motor doesn't work, equipment will be affected. When detergent dosing pump is working, overhigh temperature is the most common problem.

Ⅱ. Why the motor running temperature of the detergent dosing pump is too high?

There are many factors that can cause overhigh temperature of the motor.

1. High or low power supply voltage will affect the normal use of the motor, and a protective device must be installed on the motor.

2. The pump does not match. The selected detergent dosing pump does not meet the requirements of use, which leads to long-term overload operation and overhigh temperature of the motor.

3. Frequent starting of the motor will also cause damage to the motor. Like other electrical appliances, the motor cannot be switched on and off frequently.

4. The motor is incorrectly installed and connected.

5. Bearing wear and friction of the detergent dosing pump will also cause the motor to overheat. Therefore, it is necessary to check the bearing and lubrication in time to reduce friction.

6. The environment of the motor is not good, and there are stains on the motor coil, which also affects the use of the motor. Therefore, the motor must be cleaned regularly.

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