Ⅰ. Purpose of dosing system

The dosing system is a complete set of equipment with dosing, mixing, liquid conveying, and automatic control. It is widely used in power plant raw water, boiler feed water, oil field ground gathering and dewatering treatment systems, various petrochemical dosing systems and wastewater treatment system. It can add coagulant, phosphate, ammonia solution, lime water, corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, bactericidal and algaecide etc.

Ⅱ. Working structure principle of dosing system

The dosing system is mainly composed of solution tank, agitator, metering pump, level gauge, electric control cabinet, pipeline, valve, safety valve, back pressure valve, check valve, pulsation damper, pressure gauge, Y-type filter, etc..

The dosing equipment is configured in the mixing box according to the required concentration of the medicine, and after being evenly stirred by the agitator, it is put into the solution box and the metering pump is used to deliver the prepared solution to the dosing point or the designated system. The complete set of dosing equipment has the characteristics of compact structure, safety and simplicity, and easy operation and use. The dosing equipment can also be designed and configured with necessary components according to the requirements of the user's different process flows to realize automatic remote control and other functions.

Ⅲ. The composition of the small dosing equipment-PE dosing equipment

The dosing equipment is composed of a solution tank, a number of flanges, valves, etc. Equipped with two metering pumps, one for use and one for backup, which is convenient for users to perform maintenance and replacement of accessories without stopping the machine.

The main components of the small dosing equipment-PE dosing equipment are:

1. Solution tank 2. Stirrer 3. Liquid level gauge 4. Filter 5. Safety valve 6. Metering pump 7. Buffer 8. Ball valve, check valve, stop valve 9. Pressure gauge and corresponding pipes.

Example: diaphragm metering pump has a flow rate of 50L/h and a pressure of 1.0MPa;

The model of the diaphragm metering pump is NDWS-68/1.0;

The agitator is composed of a motor, a reducer, and a stirring rod. The motor power is 0.55KW, and the reduction ratio is 45:1;

All parts of the equipment, including the working platform, armrests, etc., are installed on the same carbon steel chassis.

Ⅳ. Precautions for the selection of dosing equipment

1. When the user chooses the dosing equipment, first determine the selection specifications (including the metering pump parameters, the volume of the solution tank, etc.) according to the amount of solution required by the system, and then determine the dosing method according to the dosing situation (usually adopt "one for use one for backup" approach).

2. According to needs, select the material of each component of the dosing equipment (stainless steel, carbon steel, non-metallic materials), metering pump model (electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump, mechanical diaphragm metering pump) or provide our company with the parameters (name, concentration, temperature, density, viscosity, corrosiveness, etc.).

3. Main features of the dosing system:

a Integrated medicine design, small footprint, simple structure and stable performance;

b Accurate measurement, convenient adjustment, good economy, easy to install and maintain;

c The pump is suction-type installation, which is not easy to be blocked with a long trouble-free running time and low operating cost;

d Excellent corrosion resistance and long service life.

e Solution tank material: PE, FRP, carbon steel rubber lined, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel;

f Mixer material: 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel;

g The material of the flow-through part of the metering pump: PP, PVC, PVDE, SS316;

Application range of small dosing equipment-PE dosing equipment:

The boiler is injected with chemical liquid, mainly used in thermal power plants, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, central heating and other occasions where boilers are used.

It is used for the pretreatment and dosing of tap water, mainly used in urban water plants, large-scale enterprises' own water plants, textile printing and dyeing, iron and steel, papermaking and other industries.

The dosing of wastewater and sewage treatment in environmental protection are mainly used for wastewater and sewage treatment in cities, industrial and mining enterprises, large hotels and restaurants.

The main application of small-sized dosing equipment-PE dosing equipment:

1. Adding chemicals in the furnace of power plant: adding ammonia to feed water, adding hydrazine, adding phosphate to boiler water, coordinating control of adding phosphate to boiler water, adding ammonia to condensed water, etc.

2. Adding chemicals to power plant furnaces: raw water plus flocculant, raw water plus coagulant, circulating water plus stabilizer (corrosion inhibitor), circulating water plus scale inhibitor, circulating water plus fungicide, start boiler room add ammonia, start boiler and add phosphate and condenser ferrous sulfate coating to the room.

3. Water treatment dosing: flocculant, coagulant, defoamer, etc. are added to sewage.

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