1. Introduction of manual metering pump NEWDOSE electromagnetic pump 

The flow rate of the manual metering pump is constant and can be manually adjusted. The flow rate is adjusted according to the external analog signal, digital pulse signal (such as pulse signal from water meter) and RS485 communication protocol.  

2. Performance advantages of manual metering pump NEWDOSE electromagnetic metering pump  

(1). NEWDOSE electromagnetic dosing pump has strong compatibility 

The pump head is the almost compatible with all standard-configuration pumps for all industries and pumps, as well as all chemicals used in sewage treatment and drinking water. 

The use of ceramic ball valve improves the reliability of dosing and the chemical compatibility of the whole liquid contact end. 

It is super compatible.  

(2). Reliable performance of manual metering pump NEWDOSE electromagnetic pump  

The advanced design concept and manufacturing processes create a long service life.

It is made of pure PTFE material, which is compatible with most chemicals. 

The service life is more than 5 years. 

It is no longer necessary to replace the diaphragm regularly. 

It reduces the workload of maintenance and it has super compatibility.  

(3). Manual metering pump NEWDOSE electromagnetic pump has strong dosing stability


It is in the voltage range of 100 to 240 volts .

Dependent on the working environment, the pump in the coil can work stably. The rated voltage can be used to start the pump, which saves electricity. 

It has a stable dosing. It is not affected by voltage fluctuations, so the working efficiency of the pump is improved. It reduces inventory pressure. 

(4). Program settings are intuitively visible  

The program menu adopts the digital display mould, and the value is the current working stroke frequency. 

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