1. Introduction of the high pressure metering pump

High pressure metering pumps are useful in many processings. High pressure and mass flow are the typical features of it. However, high pressure is also the test of the high pressure metering pump itself so you must pay attention to the following five aspects when using it.

2. Attentions required in the process of using a high pressure metering pump

1) Avoid starting it in low pressure

In order to improve the efficiency of the high pressure metering pump, you should choose the right nozzle. 

High pressure metering pumps come with replaceable nozzles, which can be used for many purposes. Proper nozzle will make the process of nozzle cleaning more efficient.

2) When installing high pressure metering pumps, the cables should be off-contact, and the power cord shouldn't be too long

To avoid breaking the cable, the machine set can not be stressed when entring water. High pressure metering pumps can not sink into mud, otherwise, it will lead to poor heat dissipation and the burning of motor winding.

3) Pay attention to model, flow rate, and head of delivery when purchasing high pressure metering pumps

If you choose an inappropriate model, it won't get adequate water supply, and the efficiency of the unit won't get full play. To prevent the electric leakage of high pressure metering pumps in electric shock accidents, the earth leaking circuit breaker should be installed.

4) High pressure metering pumps shouldn't work for a long time and shouldn't pump too much sand water

Be careful when painting the windows, vents, eaves, and walls, because the high water pressure will knock down fixed windows or break them. When the wall panels is clean, the water nozzle should aim at lower part of the wall to reduce the spraying force, which will prevent water from falling. Additionally, be careful when cleaning the outer walls. Water can penetrate the holes in the edges of windows,  so check all windows' frames in case of penetration.

5) The motor of high pressure metering pumps should be checked regularly

To avoid water seeping into the high pressure metering pumps, you should replace or repair them in time if you find cracks or rubber seal's damage or failure.  


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