1. The development of the low-pressure dosing system 

Low-pressure dosing systems can be used on many occasions with strict requirements. Moreover, with technological progress and industrial development, automation equipment have been attached great attention. The advantages of strong compatibility and wide adaptivity to medium are very important for the low pressure dosing system.

2. The three main aspects for choosing low-pressure dosing system

(1). Define the actual maximum pressure 

The pressure of the low pressure dosing system is 10% to 20% slightly higher than the rated pressure. Overhigh pressure will waste energy, and increase equipment investment and operating costs. So, please do not choose overhigh pressure. 

(2). Define the flow rate  

The flow rate of the selected low pressure dosing system should be equal to or slightly higher than the required flow rate of the process. The use range of the low-pressure dosing system is 30% to 100% of the rated flow. For being economic and practical, it is recommended that the actual demand of the dosing system is 60% to 80% of the rated flow of the dosing system. 

(3). Define the pump head material  

Determing specifications of the low pressure dosing system subjects to flow properties of the material and medium selection steps . It is very important, becuase if it a wrong one is selected, medium flow passage components will be corroded , or leakage pollution system wll be damaged. Serious accidents can occur at certain serious situations.

Also, there are other aspects, such as accuracy, the viscosity of the medium, equipment price, after-sales service, etc. to be considered. 

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